Office Health: Ten Tips To Healthy Living At The Office

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A healthy workplace is a better place to work. Office health reduces stress, increases productivity, and encourages employee loyalty and longevity. Employers can promote office health with regular attention, legitimate concern, and an investment well made. Here are 10 tips to healthy living at the office:

1. Audit the office furniture and workstations for their ergonomic effect. Chairs should suit the work, and desks should be well positioned. Proper posture and comfort promotes office health.  Your workers’ compensation safety specialist and furniture sales associate will advise you on sizing, mechanics, and positioning.

2. Diversify employee workstations and work areas when work permits. Provide desks that allow your workers to stand or sit as they need.  This gives options for their office health. Introduce treadmill desks where space and the work permits. Lay out work processes so employees can move their chairs between functions.

3. Seek advice on overhead and desktop lighting to reduce stress on the eyes. Adjust monitors and computer screens to reduce or avoid glare, and control the flow and availability of natural light.

4. Check on the availability of fresh and clean air. Your heating and air conditioning systems should filter, purify, and humidify the air, circulating air fully. Install and regularly replace filters that clean the air of the smallest particles and fight allergens.

5. Keep the office clean. Employ a cleaning service that will conscientiously wipe windows, phones, and all flat surfaces. Instruct them to sanitize high traffic surfaces such as doorknobs, faucets, toilets, and counter tops.

6. Use non-toxic cleaners and natural cleaning agents where possible. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice have surprising power and versatility. You can also find natural cleaners for high-germ areas like restrooms.  Office health is not just at the desk or workstation.

7. Monitor the break room or kitchen facility.  Tables, chairs, floors, and sinks should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. Refrigerators, cabinets, and trash cans should be cleaned inside and out. Keep other appliances clean and sanitized on a daily basis for your office health; this includes coffee makers, toaster ovens, and microwaves. To maintain office health, minimize the use of dirty dishes, sponges, towels, and clothes by using disposable plates, utensils, and plastic cups.

8. Stock the break areas and vending machines with healthy alternatives like tea, protein bars, fruit, and water. For snack office health, dump the sweets, sodas, and high-caffeine options. And, work with your health insurance providers to sponsor fitness programs.

9. Publish protocols on workplace health and safety.  Post  requirements to wash hands frequently, and make sanitizers easily available throughout the office and break areas. Assign teams and share the responsibility promoting office health.

10. Prevent workers from returning to work when they are sick. Your office health depends on employees seeing the advantage to themselves and others by staying home when sick. Businesses lose billions each year to otherwise preventable workplace colds, infections, and influenza.

Finding what products you need to promote good office health

You can keep your workplace safe and healthy with solid advice and a total service supplier. At Tascosa Office Machines we understand and can help you obtain your office health goals.  Sales associates are ready to assist employers and purchasers in selecting products for office, restrooms, break rooms, kitchens and shop areas. If you have questions about any of our productsservices or locations, Contact Us or stop by one of our showrooms. In Texas we are in: Amarillo, Lubbock, and Lamesa. In New Mexico, you’ll find us in Hobbs and Roswell.

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