Buying Office Machines For My Business: What To Consider

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Although your business success probably does not directly depend on your office machines, the right machine can improve productivity and therefore contribute to the bottom line.  There are a multitude of choice for office machines, so before you invest in any office equipment, there are some things you should consider: number of users, volume, space, budget,  and functionality.

Office machines are an investment
Any business will benefit and use scanners, copiers, printers, and fax machines. But, every business has different needs in terms of volume, quality, durability, and more. So, before you spend freely at your local big box store, understand that office machines are an investment, a capital expense on which you want a return on investment (ROI).  Most office equipment will be expected to last at least a few years.  Take the time and do the research to find the right office machine for your needs.

Things to consider
Consider the number of users. Estimate how many employees and departments will use the machine you have in mind. Evaluate if it makes sharing the office machine makes sense. Sharing can produce efficiencies, but it also will increase volume, and multiple users can multiply operating problems.

Consider the expense allocation. If your budget is sophisticated, you may want to allocate volume and supplies to user departments. If so, you want machines that can calculate usage.

Consider the demand and need. Some business areas place more or different demand on office equipment than others. For example, most clerical functions usually only need office machines that process 8.5″ x 11″ papers. Other departments, however, may need continuous form paper, varying paper weights and sizes, or high volume input and output.

Consider the impact on productivity. You will want to measure how individual workers benefit from close access to all office machines, dedicated or shared. A walk down the hall to a copying center may affect employee performance, but that effect may or may not justify the cost of more machines.

Consider the issue of space. An All-in-one machine will accomplish most worker needs, but individual machines take up space. Sharing machines can reduce space problems but may raise concerns about higher volume and quality performance. And, of course, the large, high-volume, multi-purpose copiers represent an investment requiring the most serious analysis of needs and use.

Consider the technology and features. Many machines can do multiple jobs, but for high volume tasks, you may want stations that differentiate printers, copiers, and fax operations. You want to assess whether Wi-Fi connections are necessary and efficient or just another potential problem during network downtime.

Consider the confidentiality of your office functions. You may regularly produce documents that you want to keep confidential. Your personnel and financial functions may produce material of confidential nature. In any case, some operations may require desktop privacy. Such needs should be considered in the overall office equipment solution.

Benefits trump features
Office machines should not be purchased simply because of price, brand name or aesthetics. Determining your business needs first is the only way to ensure you get the office machines best suited for your busy office.  You may need assistance establishing volume, capacity, performance, and technology requirements. Tascosa Office Machines has built its business and reputation on helping clients. We build our end-user relationships on quality communication. We listen, study, and assess your needs, focus and frame your options, and illustrate your potential return-on-investment. Building such long-term relationships lets Tascosa Office Machines anticipate your future office machine and related office supply needs. From desktop all-in-one printers to high-volume high-capacity printers, copiers, and finishing machines, we can design, deliver, and install. You can simply request a quote, send us an email or  visit your nearest showroom. We have several locations to better serve you:  in Texas, we’re in Amarillo, Lubbock, and Lamesa; in New Mexico:  Hobbs and Roswell.

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