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Finding The Right Furniture For Your Workplace

Tascosa Office Machines works with a wide variety of furniture manufacturers, so that we can provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. We offer quality furniture that can fit any budget or need. Tascosa has worked with customers in a variety of fields to cover decorating needs such as furniture for executive offices, cubicles, lobbies, break-rooms, and much more. The markets we serve are corporate, small business, healthcare, education, public spaces, restaurants, retail and more. Tascosa even offers used furniture, should your workplace need quality furnishings at a discounted price. Tascosa works with brands like JSI, Rocky Mountain, AIS, HON and more. Each brand of furnishings offers different benefits; we at Tascosa would love to connect you with the office furniture that will match your needs to the furnishings that we carry. We are especially proud of the fact that both Jasper Group Brands and AIS are made in America.

Determining What Your Needs Are

Tascosa sells any kind of office furniture you might need. If you are looking for Executive furniture, we recommend JSI (Jasper Group) brand of furnishings. They have gorgeous desks, credenzas, and hutches, as well as conference tables and chairs that can meet the highest end needs for your executive suites. If you are looking for specialty furnishings for maybe a medical workplace, Tascosa carries exam tables, privacy curtains, patient chairs and more. On the other hand, maybe your needs are not as specific. You may be looking for office furniture that can fit multiple people in one unit. We offer system furniture which will allow you to house multiple employees at one unit of furniture. Do you need more privacy in an open area? We provide cubicles and panels that come in all shapes and sizes. Tascosa offers an extensive selection of chairs for your workplace as well. There are many factors which you should consider for buying the right chair for your employee. We at Tascosa, can ask you questions which will help determine which chair would be most beneficial for your employees.

Key Distinctions in Common Office Furniture

Once you have discerned what genre of furnishings you are looking for, there are still many factors you must consider before you place your order. Some office furniture is shipped already built, where other pieces require an installation team. One of the benefits of ordering from Tascosa is that we provide delivery and installation on all of our office furniture orders. We recognize that some customers are looking to find furnishings made in America, and Tascosa has partnered with several companies that build their office furniture right here in America. Other markets such as healthcare will need furnishings that will meet healthcare requirements such as anti-microbial materials. Other corporate entities will need to ensure that their desks are Greenguard certified in order to keep the air clean from emissions.

There are benefits to buying used furniture besides the obvious fact that it is less expensive. Because Tascosa sells used office furniture, we are fulfilling a significant need in our community. If your workplace is looking to purchase multiple items that match, then you may be more interested in purchasing new furniture. As was stated earlier, we have multiple styles of new furniture to choose from, including office furniture made both in America and overseas. If your office needs chairs, tables, desks, credenzas, cubicles or any other style of office furniture, Tascosa can provide you with exactly what you are looking for at an affordable price.

Where to Buy Office Furniture

At Tascosa Office Machines you can choose from an ample array of office furniture including credenzas, tables, cubicles and more. We also carry a wide variety of chairs and desks. If you don’t know which chair or table would fit your office, all you have to do is give Tascosa Office Machines a call and our furnishings specialists will be glad to assist you in measuring your workplace to determine which office furniture would best suit your space. Not only that, but Tascosa has an installation team that will help you set up your furnishings, if you need help. You can find reasonably priced office furniture ideal for daily use at home or the office. All six of the Tascosa Office Machines locations are eager to service all of your office furniture needs. Tascosa Office Machines can provide you with what you want at a price you can afford. Give us a call today, you can find the number on our Locations page! You can also email us via the form on the Contact Us page. We look forward to providing you with the best office furniture in town!

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