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Finding The Right New Or Used Copier For Your Office
There are lots of reasons that people go out looking for a new copier. You might have recently launched a brand new business or you are an established company that is experiencing growth. You could even be relocating, remodeling, revamping or rejuvenating your office. You may or may not know exactly what you are looking for in a copier. Start by determining what your needs are. Then, look at key issues to help you make the best decision for you and your office. Tascosa Office Machines can help you find the right new or used machine for your business.

Determining What Your Copier Needs Are
Whether you are building or redecorating an office, finding the right copier can be overwhelming. There are many brands to choose from and hundreds of styles as well. Tascosa Office Machines has an amazing selection of new and used copiers. This office supply store is one of the only places in Lubbock that offers their customers quality, gently used copiers. Depending on your field, your needs may vary drastically.When choosing this equipment for your office, it is important to know all of your options. For most people, they think of copiers as the big box machine in the middle of the office that everyone uses collectively. This machine’s primary function is to copy, though it can usually fax, scan and print as well. These options are very important if you want all of the computers in your office connected together. This connection allows your employees to scan documents to their emails, which can greatly impact your office if you are trying to go paper-free.

There are smaller box machines that sit on desks, which are typically called printers. These smaller machines can usually copy, print, fax and scan as well.

Key Issues When Buying A Copier
As we look at the options for big box machines or copiers, some are concerned with whether it makes color copies or black and white copies only. Another key issue is how fast the machine will print copies.

While all of these issues are important, most people base their decision to buy a copier on finances. Each machine has a certain cost per copy, depending on a number of elements.

For a variety of reasons, you may need to purchase a used machine instead of a new one. Usually, people want to buy used to save money. At Tascosa Office Machines, the equipment is completely refurbished so that they are quality products. This office supply store also offers maintenance plans for many used machines.

Where To Buy A New Or Used Copier
When it comes to choosing where to purchase a new copier, you have several options. Tascosa Office Machines sets itself apart by providing excellent customer service to customers. This office supply store offers free delivery and installation on all copiers. Tascosa Office Machines is able to repair your equipment within 24 hours, usually, due to our factory trained technicians. As well as having amazing technicians, this company also has an office staff that can help you with any questions about billing, leases, and maintenance contracts. This office staff can even advise you on which toner to use. Let Tascosa Office Machines network all of your printers and copiers to each other for a more efficient system.

The best thing about Tascosa Office Machines is that they can meet all of your needs in one location. Even though you are searching for a copier, you can also purchase your office supplies and office furniture at the same place. Not only that, Tascosa Office Machines also sells multiple brands of copiers and printers. Authorized dealers for Canon and Sharp copiers, this office supply store also sells other brands as well, including Riso, Kyocera and many more.

Whatever your copier needs, Tascosa Office Machines can provide you with exactly what you want at a price you can afford. We back our products with maintenance plans. With this plan, you don’t have to worry about purchasing toner or fixing your machine if a problem occurs. All six of the Tascosa Office Machines locations are eager to service all of your copier and printer needs. Below, are articles that have much more information about choosing the right copier and reducing printing costs. Give us a call today, you can find the number on our Locations page! You can also email us via the form on the Contact Us page.

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