In this digital age, the concerns about security are ever increasing. Whether your business relies on paper documents, electronic documents or both — you need to ensure that any sensitive information within them can only be accessed, retrieved, or distributed by authorized users. At Tascosa Office Machines, we believe that security is critical and we can provide you with a variety of options for implementing security in your offices. Businesses will benefit from each new advance in technology, however decision makers must ensure that all devices and software added to a network include control and access features to help prevent theft, misuse or information leaks. Most of our equipment comes with standard security options such as user authentication passwords, encryption, and memory deletion.

However that is not all that we offer. Controlling the device begins with authentication by the user. Device-based login is a simple, effective way to control who can access and use particular features on each device. They also enable you to build a detailed record of usage that can be reviewed when needed. You can authenticate users with individual or departmental IDs, and passwords. Department IDs are numeric, and are stored locally on the device to let your business control access to the device. This solution enables you to store usernames and passwords for authorized users locally—on the device itself. Once implemented, Local Device Authentication can be set to require that users log in before they can operate the device. Administrators can use a convenient Web-based interface to set up and manage the alphanumeric usernames and passwords. You can also facilitate quick, easy authentication by allowing users to leverage ID cards that may already be implemented for computer login or building access.
Card-based authentication systems can be built to work over a network or locally — on a device.

In offices worldwide, there is always a need to handle sensitive or confidential information. Often that means printing documents with private information, and sometimes that means there is a risk that sensitive documents may be printed out, and accidentally left exposed in paper trays. Secured Print lets users protect documents they send to print. This step prevents documents from being left out in a device tray unattended. For enhanced security, the document data itself can also be encrypted during transmission and storage when printed with Encrypted Secured Print. Our security measures increase exponentially depending upon what your office needs. If you have specific security concerns, give Tascosa Office Machines a call and we will help you navigate through all the information to find the products that will fit your every need.

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