Five Tips To Help You Find The Right Shredder

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There are many good reasons to shred your business papers and no good reason not to.  With identity theft sure to be considered the crime of the century, you cannot afford to take chances with sensitive information from clients, employees and vendors.  Aside from security risks, storing unnecessary documents takes up valuable office space and can be a fire hazard.  When you want it gone, here are five tips to help you find the right shredder and reduce your risks.

#1 Tip:  Know what documents need to be retained and for how long.
Some documents have to be kept longer than others. The IRS recommends retaining most tax related records for 7 years, that includes cancelled checks and bank statements. Employee tax records should be kept at least 4 years, and records on pensions and profit sharing plans should be held permanently. While a business may save specific files for shorter periods of time, you might consult your attorney or CPA on best practice advice.

#2 Tip: Outsourcing your shredding process runs certain risks.
Outsourcing document shredding means you have to store the records until the next scheduled pick-up; taking up office space and exposing the confidentiality of records. Outsourcing also puts your business into the hands of a third-party exposing your company to risk. Outsourcing document shredding is also another expense that might be better spent elsewhere.

#3 Tip: Documents consume office and work space, and space costs money. 
When you take a dollars and cents approach to how productive your workspace is, you might realize that you are spending too much on storing outdated files. The area currently used to store dusty old files could be put to better use as another office, a conference room or even a break room. Additionally, if you insist on keeping old files you may need to factor in the cost of relocating and storing those files off site.  Depending on the business size and volume, one or several well-placed shredders can really open up your operation.

#4 Tip: An office shredder is a one-time investment that provides you more privacy and control. 

The shredder may sit beside your desk, serve the center of the office, or join other business machines in a communications or record center. Shredders are differentiated by volume, speed, and security level.

#5 Tip: Buy the right shredder features.
Before buying a shredder, consider the volume of documentation that will need to be shredded and what medium that information is on. Will you only be shredding paper, or will there be some CD’s or payment cards? To be satisfied with your shredder, be sure to buy enough features to make it useful, but there is no point in overbuying. Shedders with reliable gears and shredding elements, some with lifetime warranties, are your best bet. As a single purpose desk side item, a shredder that produces 5 gallons of scraps will do, but if your office is a higher volume, you might look for a shredder with a higher sheet capacity and larger volume. A larger shredder – up to 40+ gallons can strip or cross-cut paperwork up to a particle size of .8 x 5 mm. There are also larger conveyor-fed shredders capable of consuming hardbound materials or 3-ring binders. Some shredders are capable of destroying hard drives when necessary.

Tascosa Office Machines has a wide selection of shredders that can fit any office’s needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help your business with needs assessment, sales, and full product support after the sale. Tascosa Office Machines focuses on building long-term relationships to help solve your business needs now and in the future. Call us today at (806) 373-6268 or email us with your questions about your shredding needs. Visit one of our Tascosa Office Machines showrooms in Amarillo, Lubbock, Lamesa, Hobbs or Roswell or check out our products online to start protecting your office today.

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