8 Guaranteed Ways To Reduce Printing Costs

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According to the latest research, businesses spend between one and three percent of their annual revenue on printing costs. That is significant no matter if you are a small home-based business or a multinational conglomerate. In addition, many companies underestimate their usage, so some may be spending even more. Reducing printing costs will help companies cut operating costs so we have provided you with eight guaranteed ways to reduce printing costs in your company or workgroup:

  1. Switch to managed print services (MPS). Most companies have no idea how much printing is really happening. With MPS, each printer has a meter on it which counts the number of documents printed. Knowing the actual document count can bring attention to the real costs of printing.
  2. Get more efficient printing equipment. As older office machines near the end of their useful life, replace them with new ones that have the Energy Star label. To meet Energy Star guidelines, printers must be 25 percent more efficient than machines even a few years old.
  3. Limit color printing. Cartridges used for printing color can cost up to 40 percent higher than those used for printing black and white. Also, printing in color is slower and requires more electricity than black and white printing.
  4. Eliminate desktop printers. A new centrally located large printer will be more efficient than a dozen smaller, older printers scattered around the office. Quite often, larger printers also offer more functions than a typical desktop printer.
  5. Select an eco-friendly font. Believe it or not, if you switch office printing to a font like Century Gothic or Times New Roman instead of Arial, you will use a lot less ink. There are also fonts specifically designed to reduce ink use. Experiment and start switching over.
  6. Print most documents at draft quality. Unless a document is required for legal purposes, will go into long-term storage, or is going out to a client, it can be printed in draft quality. It takes less ink and less power.
  7. Encourage multi-page and duplex printing. Put more information on a single sheet of paper. Unless the font is very small, most documents can print two pages on a single side of paper. Printing on both sides is another option.
  8. Print only when necessary. Printing out something just to give to someone by hand makes no sense. Send it by email instead. Instead of printing an entire document when you only need one page, print that single page instead. Scanning a document and being able to email directly to several users from your office equipment saves time and money and are very useful features. Non-business printing, like baseball statistics, should not happen.

When your company or workgroup adopts these measures, you will start to see printing costs coming down.  To learn more ways to bring down your printing costs, contact us here at Tascosa Office Machines. We carry printers and other office machines from top manufacturers. We sell, service, and repair printers of all sorts. Call us in Lubbock at 806-747-1667. We also have locations in Amarillo, Lamesa, Hobbs, and Roswell so check out our Locations Page to contact our office nearest you. You can connect with us via email by clicking here or on the Contact Us button on the navigation bar above. Take some time while you are on our website to browse through our full line of products and services. We look forward to helping you with all your office machine needs.  “Remember “You Need it, We’ve got it”.

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