Service and Repair

Finding the Right Service or Repair Plan For Your Office

At Tascosa Office Machines, we want your experience to be simple. Do you need your printer repaired? Do you need your copier repaired? All you have to do is place your service call then our local dispatcher will send out a factory trained technician to repair your equipment. With over the phone support and local area knowledge, our dispatchers are able to quickly assess your situation and dispatch your call, so that your machine can be repaired quickly. It really is that simple. For over 30 years, we have served West Texas by repairing copiers and servicing printers. At Tascosa, service is the very heartbeat of our company. Superior service is an attitude engrained in every department and it begins and ends with our people; from dispatch to our factory trained technicians, we can service and repair printers and copiers. Superior service requires more than a slick customer service department or a slogan on the break room wall. Excellence is a consistent service that drives our company approach at every level.

Determining What Your Needs Are

Every machine that Tascosa sells is accompanied by a maintenance plan which covers any repairs or service calls made on that machine. Many of our maintenance plans also provide toner refills as another example of great customer service. When you purchase a new or used copier, it is a significant purchase. Tascosa Office Machines both services and repairs every machine that we sell or lease. If you buy a large multifunction copier or multifunction printer, Tascosa will gladly repair it should any problems occur. When handling new machines, it is important to realize that they will need regular maintenance service calls and may occasionally need us to repair something that is broken. Both the regular service maintenance calls and repair trips are covered under the majority of our maintenance plans. Likewise, many of these maintenance plans also include toner.

Key Distinctions In Service And Repairs

Every machine that Tascosa sells, should be regularly serviced by our factory trained technicians to make sure that the machine is running at its optimum level of performance. Servicing machines can include cleaning the machine or tightening and loosening belts. You can request Tascosa to come and service your machine monthly. When our technicians are regularly servicing your machine, we also can get a better understanding of how many copies you are printing each month. This information can help us determine how much toner you will need, and how soon critical pieces might need to be replaced. If Tascosa knows this information ahead of time, we are able to hopefully save you from any downtime, by servicing and repairing your machine in advance.

Repairs are sometimes necessary. While everyone would prefer for machines to stay running without any problems, there are occasional hiccups in the road that will require one of our technicians to come and fix the problem quickly. As was stated earlier though, if you have a technician come and perform regular service on your machine, it can prevent major repairs from taking place. Regularly scheduled service on your machine will keep you from the unfortunate and unwanted experience of having your copier breakdown in a critical time period, which requires several days to fix.

How Tascosa’s Service Philosophy Sets Them Apart

Customer service is a top priority of our administrative staff. One of the ways that our Admin. Dept. practices customer service is by regularly examining our customer’s files to monitor meter readings and maintenance activity. By paying attention to this data, we can see problem areas before they arise and catch them. Another way that we provide excellent customer service is by offering in-house financing. If you need in house financing for any reason, we are happy to provide that for you. Likewise, we take a proactive approach in customer service is by participating in State Buying Contracts such as NJPA, US Communities, DIR, TexMas, GSA, TEAP, WSCA and the Association of Community Colleges. Likewise, our administrative staff aims to provide excellent customer service by guaranteeing that during business hours, you will always talk to a human being when you call Tascosa Office Machines. Normal wear and tear on your machines can cause things to need to be fixed or replaced from time to time. Tascosa Office Machines offers maintenance agreements that can include annual cleanings, repair issues and toner refills. We tailor our maintenance agreements to suit our customers’ needs. We understand how frustrating it can be when you have a large print job due and you run out of toner. Since we can include toner in your maintenance agreements, we suggest you always order two toners, that way you are never caught without toner in the middle of an important job. We can even provide paper for you as well. It is our goal to provide you with the very best experience if you are buying new copiers, printers or office furniture, if you need to order office supplies or if you need someone to come out and repair your copier or printer. All six of the Tascosa Office Machines locations are eager to service all of your office furniture needs. Tascosa Office Machines can provide you with what you want at a price you can afford. Give us a call today, you can find the number on our Locations page! You can also email us via the form on the Contact Us page. We look forward to providing you with the best office furniture in town!

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